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Spacebar Logo and brand guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines when using the Spacebar Emblem or Spacebar logo:

  • Do not modify, alter, or use the Spacebar Emblem or Spacebar logo in a way that may cause confusion with other brands, games, or game developers/publishers.

  • Do not use the Spacebar emblem or logo in a manner that is illegal, misleading, defamatory, obscene, infringing, understood as unlawful, tortious, disparaging, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate or objectionable.

Color System

The colors representing the Spacebar are primarily composed of the following three main shades. Additionally, color variations based on specific circumstances can also be identified in the components listed below pages.


The usage of the emblem must adhere to specific regulations based on whether it is placed on a black or white background. (Including a dark sky background image)

โ€ข The monochrome emblem is employed when a straightforward representation is needed.

โ€ข The dark blue emblem is exclusively used on image backgrounds with low brightness to ensure improved readability, as appropriate.

Logo Construction

The logo should be used in accordance with either horizontal or vertical guidelines. It can also be used solely as an emblem or signature, depending on the situation. Similarly, the background should be used in accordance with the regulations.

Default 1 (Full color on the universe background)

Default 2 (Full color on the light sky background)

Monochrome (Black on the white background)

Monochrome (White on the Black background)

Logo Usage color and Prohibited Usage Regulations

  • The most ideal background color for representing the logo's primary color is the deep blue "Universe" background. Depending on the media context, the utilization of background colors should adhere to the specified background color regulations provided below.

Logo Usage color

Logo Incorrect Usage

When using the logo, ensure that the Spacebar identity is not compromised in accordance with the prohibited usage regulations provided below.

  • The shape of the logo cannot be changed.

  • The logo cannot be used with an inclination.

  • The logo cannot be scaled.

  • The logo cannot be used as a substitute for a typeface.

  • The logo cannot be used with borders.

  • The logo cannot be expressed in lines.

  • Do not use color and signature combination other than the regulation.

  • Do not use enlarged or reduced elements

  • Unnecessary figures cannot be combined and used.

  • Cannot be used over colors that are less legible.

  • Cannot be used over complex backgrounds

Emblem + Logo Files (for Download)


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