Square Owner

๐Ÿ’ก As Squares are also NFTs, to become a Square Owner, you need to own a Square NFT. Square NFT Owners are the Square Owners who manage the Square and Square members.

How to become a Owner

There are two options:

  1. Minting the Square NFT by getting whitelisted

  2. Buying the Square NFT from the Marketplace

Benefits of Square Owner

  • Owner Bonus: Additional Bonus of x**%** of the sum of the Square Members Spacebar Points

  • Build Community: Hangout real time with your Guild members

  • Square NFT: Limited supply NFT

  • PFP NFT: Your PFP NFT represents the entire Square

  • Rewards: Spacebar Points & Blast Gold

How to run a square

As Square Owners, you are expected to maximize the earning experiences for your Square members.

Spacebar provides different tools to enable this:

  • Set name and descriptions of your Square

  • Set minimum amount of ETH to stake for members to join (can be 0)

  • Choose Private or Token-gated or Public mode of the Square

    • Private: Members need invite code to join

    • Token-gate: Only those who hold the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 Token of your choice can join

    • Public: Open to everyone

Within the Square, Square Owners and Members perform:

  • Staking ETH to earn Blast Points, Blast Yields, Blast Gold, Spacebar Points

  • Play Games and get on Leaderboard, Mint SBTs (Spacebar Keys)

  • Complete quests with Blast Dapps

  • Enter and win Blast Gas Fee Raffle

Each Square will have a cap on the total number of members. Therefore, Square Owners will strategize how to recruit their Square members effectively. Some of the strategies we expect to see:

  • Recruit ETH Stakers

    • Leveraging capital to increase the TVL of each Square to boost the Square Multiplier

  • Recruit Active Users

    • Leveraging users who spend time with Spacebar to do more activities

  • Recruiting Users from the Same PFP NFT Collection

    • Each new same PFP NFT Collection holder joining your Square provides an additional 0.2% boost for Square members with same PFP NFT Collection as their PFP in Spacebar. The maximum boost that can be applied is up to 10%

      • Example: Consider an Azuki Square where the Owner is Zagabond. With each Azuki joining the Square, there's a 0.2% boost for members with Azuki as their PFP NFT in Spacebar. If 10 Azukis join, it results in a 2% boost, and if 50 Azukis join, it results in 10% boost

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