๐ŸŽฎGame - Star Sweepers

Sweep Stars and Compete!

Star Sweepers is a casual, space-themed spaceship game where players aim to to collect as many Stars โญ๏ธ as possible within 60 seconds.

The game's simplicity and casual nature allow for continuous evolution based on feedback from the player community.

Compete in Ranked Mode and Practice in Unranked Mode

There are two modes; Ranked Mode and Unranked mode.

๐Ÿ† Ranked Mode:

  • Ranked Mode serves as the competitive arena where players can record their scores on the leaderboard and earn rewards.

  • Each player is limited to playing up to 3 rounds within a 24-hour period, with this period being calculated based on UTC-0.

    • Note: this play limit is applied per user. If a player completes their three rounds in one Square, they cannot play additional rounds in another Square within the same 24-hour period.

๐Ÿ”ฅ Unranked Mode:

  • Unranked Mode allows players to practice without any limitations on the number of rounds they can play.

Playing and Recording Scores Onchain

How to Play:

  • Move around with Arrow Keys

  • Press A key to Attack

  • Press S key to Speed Up

Maximize Your Score:

  • Players aim to collect as many stars as possible within a 60-second timeframe, utilizing shooting and boost strategies to maximize their score.

  • At the end of each game, the playerโ€™s score is determined by the total number of stars collected.

Claim Your Score and Earn Rewards:

  • After each game, players can claim their score to earn rewards and record it on the leaderboard.

  • The rewards include Spacebar Points, which are granted based on the playerโ€™s score.

  • It is important to claim your score, as unclaimed scores will not be saved, and you will not receive any rewards or be placed on the leaderboard.

Square Member Benefits:

  • Members of a Square receive a 20% boost on the Spacebar Points they earn.

  • For example, if a player scores 200 stars, a Square Member would receive 240 points, whereas non-members would receive 200 points.

Weekly Leaderboards and Rewards

  • Compete in Weekly Tournaments:

    • Star Sweepers features two types of weekly leaderboards: Square Member Leaderboard and Global User Leaderboard.

    • Rewards are distributed on a weekly basis to top performers.

    1) Square Member Leaderboard:

    • This leaderboard is among the Members of each Square.

    • To be featured on this leaderboard, players must be members of a Square at the time their scores are recorded.

    2) Global User Leaderboard:

    • The Global User Leaderboard includes all Spacebar users across all Squares.

    • Scores are associated with the Square where they were earned. For instance, if a player earned a score while being a member of Square A but is now a member of Square B, the score will still be associated with Square A on the leaderboard.

  • Weekly Rewards:

    Square Member Leaderboard:

    • The top-ranked user in each Square receives 1,000 Spacebar Points.

    • Users ranked 2nd to 5th each receive 750 Spacebar Points.

    • Users ranked 6th to 10th each receive 500 Spacebar Points.

    Global User Leaderboard:

    • The top-ranked user receives 10,000 Spacebar Points.

    • The second-ranked user receives 5,000 Spacebar Points.

    • The third-ranked user receives 3,000 Spacebar Points.

    • Users ranked 4th to 10th each receive 2,000 Spacebar Points.

    • Users ranked 11th to 100th each receive 1,000 Spacebar Points.

Blast Gold Reward Event

To celebrate launch of Star Sweepers, we are hosting Blast Gold Reward Events!

Event 1. Find Random Gold Capsules in Star Sweepers

  • You can randomly find Blast Gold capsules within the game

  • More than 10K Blast Gold is allocated for each week

Event 2. Top Performers in the Weekly Leaderboard gets Blast Gold

  • Get in the Top 100 in Global Leaderboard each week to get Blast Gold reward

  • You can also get a chance for random chance of winning Blast Gold if you place in Top 1000

  • Check out Leaderboard Rewards for more details

Collective Rewards for Squares

  • As Square Members collect stars in the Star Sweepers game, their Square earns Spirits.

  • For every 5,000 stars collected by the members, the Square receives 5 Spirits.

  • It is essential for members to perform on-chain transactions to record their Score, as unrecorded stars do not count towards the total.

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