๐Ÿค–Social Game: Bebob

Bebob is a simple social game where Square Members collaborate to summon (call forth) and attack Bebob.

Rules of Bebob

  • Reset at UTC-0; one round of summon and attack every 24 hours

  • If the attack phase has commenced but is incomplete, it will reset at the designated time and the summon portal will be locked until the next cycle.

Step 1: Summon Bebob

  • Bebob is summoned when a designated number of Members (initially set at 10) participate in the challenge.

  • If the required number of challenges is not met within the 24 hours, the effort resets.

  • Each summon attempt involves an on-chain transaction ,and each participant earns 500 points per summon.

  • The number of summons is cumulatively tracked and displayed.

Step 2: Attack Bebob

  • When summon is successful, Bebob will appear in the Square.

  • Bebob goes away in 30 minutes, so if the attack is not completed within 30 minutes, the summon portal locks until the next day.

  • Attacks are executed via on-chain transactions, with each attack granting an additional 500 points for each Member.

  • You can attack just once, and a total of 10 Members are required to defeat Bebob.

  • Members who did not participate in the summon can still join in the attack.

  • Successful completion of the attack phase awards an additional 6 Square Spirits to the Square.

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