Q: How can I change my initially selected PFP NFT to a different one?

  • In Spacebar, your PFP NFT represents both your identity and account. Therefore, changing your PFP NFT is akin to creating a new account!

  • One of the exciting aspects of digital spaces like Spacebar is the ability to play with various identities.

  • At this moment, it is not yet possible to use multiple PFP NFTs in Spacebar, but we are working on it right now. In the near future, you will be able to use different PFP NFT than the one you initially chose.

Q: Do I have to choose PFP NFTs only from the Ethereum chain?

  • Yes, currently, Spacebar supports only the Ethereum chain. Thus, NFTs from other chains will not be displayed on the account setup page. Also, if the PFP NFT you select originally exists on the Ethereum chain but migrates to a different chain, it will no longer be usable in Spacebar (this applies to Ethereum layer 2 and EVM chains as well).

  • The reason the chain of the chosen NFT matters is that Spacebar doesn't merely load the image of the NFT for use; the token assets, such as Spaceship, acquired within Spacebar, are actually minted based on that specific NFT. As a result, these assets participate in onchain activities within the hierarchy of the NFT.

Q: When setting up my account, some of the NFTs I own are not displayed. Why is that?

  • The most probable reason some of your NFTs are not shown is that they are not on Ethereum chain or they are ERC-1155 tokens.

  • Additionally, there are other reasons why certain NFTs may not be displayed:

    • If it is not possible to retrieve metadata of the token within the NFT contract.

    • If the NFT is filtered as spam or airdrop according to Alchemy API criteria.

    • If the data type of NFT is not an image or GIF but rather a .mov or animation.

    • If the image of the NFT itself is invalid.

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