๐Ÿš€Spaceship NFTs: Protoships & Ownerships

The Spaceship NFTs have two evolutionary phases: "Protoship" and "Ownership."


When you enter Spacebar for the first time, you'll need to link your EOA wallet (Externally Owned Accounts; Metmask, WalletConnect, etc.) and choose a PFP NFT to represent your identity in Spacebar. Once that's done, you can claim and mint your first Spaceship NFT, which will be minted in your chosen PFP NFT (meaning your PFP NFT owns the Spaceship).

Introducing your first spaceship, the "Protoship," in the Spacebar Universe. The Protoship is an Soulbound NFT owned by your PFP NFT. In Universe 1, you'll embark on missions and battles to earn various assets for your Protoship. However, if you cease engagement with your Protoship, please note that it may be burned on the Smart Contract. To maintain an active ownership structure among Spacebar members, the total number of Protoships in Universe 1 is limited to 1,024. If you disengage, your Spaceship is burned, allowing the Universe 1 Smart Contract to generate another Protoship for another member to explore Spacebar. Your main objectives are twofold: upgrading your Protoship to Ownership and accumulating assets under your Spaceship.


Once you have completed your missions as a Protoship, your NFT will upgrade to "Ownership". Achieving Ownership involves undertaking a mission that further integrates you into your on-chain identity. Your Ownership can no longer be burned by anyone else (other than yourself), and you have full active ownership of your NFT. The metadata and assets you have earned from Spacebar will accumulate and be stored with your Ownership, making each and every Ownership unique and special.

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