๐Ÿš€What is Spacebar?

Bring your PFP NFT + Socialize + Play + Build your onchain identity

Spacebar is a Playground for Onchain Identities and communities.

Spacebar brings game as an experimental, interactive interface to build a composable Web 3 experience. Spacebar visualizes and gamifies the building blocks of Web 3.

Our goal is to lay the groundwork to build a playground where Web 3 identities and communities can collaborate, create, compete, and be themselves.

In the playground, communities and their members will be creating a chain of values, which in return they would capture a portion of the created value which will exponentially grow over time. The playground will become a means itself and take part in the process of a never-ending cycle of creations and composability.

Spacebar consists of two major components:

  • Games: Web-based casual game (offchain + onchain hybrid) designed to be casual, competitive, and ever-evolving; PVE and PVP modes

  • Meta-games: Squares and Portals where members hangout, socialize, compete on leaderboards, compose across other Web 3 products, and express with UGCs that all connect with the in-game components and user-owned assets

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