Story behind Spacebar

"Spacebar": Three inspirations for our chosen name

  • Key Activity: In the immersive universe of Spacebar, your keyboard's spacebar plays a pivotal role. Each time a crucial activity arises, you'll press spacebar to execute actions interacting with various elements. It adds a touch of realism and engagement to your cosmic escapades.
  • Cosmic Hangout: In the vast expanse of space, a unique gathering spot awaits - the Spacebar. This celestial lounge serves as a hub for our members to meet, mingle, and exchange tales of their cosmic conquests. Embrace the sense of community as you encounter and interact with other members.
  • User-Driven Universe: Spacebar isn't just a game; it's an ever-evolving universe molded by you and fellow members. Pressing the spacebar key not only creates space in the game world but also empowers you to shape it. Your choices and actions influence the galaxy's development, making each adventure unique and exciting.

Spacebar Founding Story

In Web 2, values were captured by big tech companies who commercialized the hyperconnection of data on the internet. The transition from Web 2 to Web 3 is led by the communities who want to create and own the values of their creations. Users who used to passively consume contents are empowered to become participants contributing, owning, and being rewarded. Individual contributions are translated into the growth of their communities, fueling more collaboration across the communities.
There has been an explosive growth in the number of crypto communities in the recent DeFi and NFT, and DAO summers. Whereas the members of the communities overlap, the communities are scattered across different communication channels, and there is no “playground” or “bar”, if you will, where members can collaborate and have fun together.
We want to fuel the change here. Imagine everyone holding their set of legos in the playground looking for other legos.
Crypto is a giant incentive layer that enables people to create incentives transparently and directly reward contributors in an instant, fair, and ubiquitous way through a distributed ledger. Web 3 will be powered by crypto as the world itself converges to become a game itself. Game is the best metaphor for the digital playground for the upcoming generation.
Hence, we start by building a game as the primitive interface to our community. Our community will be empowered to throw social and economic experiments to test different incentive schemes as the game expands upon the basic building blocks we initially lay out.
Some of our teammates have been deeply immersed in the mobile gaming industry since 2006, dedicating our time to crafting native mobile games during the rise of iPhones and touch screens. This era ushered in new technologies, user interfaces, and gaming experiences, all encapsulated within the realm of native mobile games.
In 2017, our journey led us to discover Ethereum, igniting our exploration of its ecosystem with a strong focus on gaming. Amid a select group delving into the realm of crypto, our extensive experience in adapting gaming to novel technologies positioned us uniquely.
The concept of a native web 3 game is intricate, drawing inspiration from landmarks like CryptoKitties, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, YGG, and more. Privileged encounters with pioneering minds at the crossroads of blockchain integration with gaming, content, art, and communities enriched our perspective.
Eager to construct a comprehensive creation, we aspired to capture the surges of innovative ideas molding the landscape of Web 3. Our goal was to craft a manifestation that not only visualized but also harnessed the diverse building blocks of Web 3, facilitating communal utilization.
Spacebar emerges as an embodiment of this aspiration, functioning as both a game and a platform for native Web 3 identities. Its vision extends towards embracing a multitude of building blocks, transitioning its core elements in alignment with emerging standards.
One key facet of Spacebar's evolution involves the adoption of ERC-6551 for its identity layer. This introduces the concept of PFP NFTs, where identity aligns with token ownership, and assets reflect individuals within the Web 3 space.
Notably, ERC-6551 assumes an active NPC role, further enriching Spacebar's dynamics. Additionally, the platform envisions seamless bridging between Ethereum's mainnet and diverse L2s and L1s. The arsenal includes DAO and governance tools for communities, along with avenues for DeFi money legos.
Empowering users and communities with tools to envision the contours of the Web 3 digital sphere stands as Spacebar's mission. While the path ahead remains uncertain, the platform is poised to intertwine numerous Web 3 primitives, fostering collaborative evolution.
In this journey, we anticipate connecting with an array of collaborators, inviting them to experiment and propel Spacebar's metamorphosis. Our collective efforts strive to recalibrate the values entrenched within the realm of Web 3, embarking on an odyssey of possibilities.

Spacebar Design Concept

  • Paper Airplanes: In our game, we have chosen to design our spaceship in the likeness of paper airplanes, drawing inspiration from the powerful symbolism they hold. Paper airplanes, simple yet profound childhood toys, embody the hopes and dreams of our youth. They represent a time when our imaginations soared boundlessly, and we believed that anything was possible. By incorporating this design into our spaceship, we seek to capture the essence of those cherished memories, evoking feelings of nostalgia, innocence, and creativity. The spaceship's paper airplane-like form serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the purity of our dreams and aspirations, even as we embark on exciting and daring adventures in the vastness of space. Just as we folded and launched paper airplanes with enthusiasm as children, we now aim to channel that same enthusiasm into our game, inspiring players to reach for the stars and embrace the spirit of exploration with open hearts and unyielding determination.
  • Bright and Dark: Throughout Spacebar, there is a clear distinction between two spaces: the bright space and the dark space.
    • Bright Mode (Out-Game): The bright mode is activated during out-of-game interactions. Its primary purpose is to simplify various elements, providing players with a user-friendly and straightforward interface. By reducing distractions and complexities, the bright mode enables players to focus on essential tasks, such as customizing settings, accessing menus, and navigating between game sections.
    • Dark Mode (In-Game): In contrast, the dark mode is implemented within the in-game environment to evoke a moment of introspection and heighten emotional engagement. This mode sets the atmosphere by altering in-game components, creating a more immersive experience. As players delve deeper into the narrative and interact with the game world, the dark mode enhances the emotional storytelling, fostering a sense of connection to the characters and their journey.