Strengthen relationships within the Square through daily "gm" interactions, earning Spacebar Points and tracking who you've connected with.

Gm acts similarly to "follow" or "like" interactions among Spacebar users.

How Gm Works

  • You can long press gm button to gm to other Members.

    • Your friend will receive 50 Spacebar Points through your gm.

  • You can gm others up to 5 times per 24 hours, based on UTC-0.

  • Within this limit, gm cannot be sent repeatedly to the same person until the next day.

  • It is not possible to gm to oneself.

  • When you get gm from others, you earn 50 Points

  • You can check who gmed to you in your Backspace.

  • You can gm to Members of your Square as well as non-Members.

Where can I find gm button?

  • Backspace

    • Lists people who have sent gm to you, displayed in the same manner as in the Square Member zone.

      • You can gm directly from this list in Backspace

    • Only the most recent 20 gms are shown.

  • Square

    • Located in the Member zone.

      • You can gm directly from this Member zone.

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