🎭NFT as Onchain Identity and ERC-6551

“Me before You, before We. The importance of ‘I’”

Everything exists because “I” exists. If “I” am not here, the world may still exist, but “I” would not be aware of it. The world would thus be meaningless- at least to myself. Thus, when a user creates a digital identity, whether it is a game, a social network, a virtual world, the Matrix, the Oasis, or even in the real world, the first thing to be done is the identification of the self. Furthermore, every time a fellow user creates a new identity, the world is no longer the world we knew it to be. The world has added a new identity, and thus it is at least incrementally different.

The first thing we do when a baby i born is give it a name. However, in this game, like any other game, the baby is a virtual version of oneself. One can choose to have this identity resemble their physical existence or to have it expressed as something completely different. As the creator of this identity, one has the right to create it as they please.

In Universe 1, members bring their PFP NFT in their wallet. This digital identity will develop incrementally with each asset the user collects. As each member engages with the platform, their participation will create metadata. Like a paint brush on a blank canvas, each user action in Universe 1 will manifest a stroke of the brush, incrementally painting a unique picture of each member’s relative digital identity. The comprehensive metadata will naturally integrate with and inform the leaderboard system that will be introduced and iterated by members.

We believe a PFP NFT as a profile picture can convey a lot about someone’s identity. We hope that by allowing members to use PFP NFTs within the platform, the members will be thoughtful about which PFP NFT they choose to use as their profile picture. We also believe that when the platform adds a leaderboard system and in the leaderboard system their PFP NFTs are shown, the members’ awareness for the PFP NFTs will grow. Thus, the value of each PFP NFT will increase based on that member's exposure and performance across universes in Spacebar.

The core development team will continue to experiment with what members would like to have within their profile pages, as well as how they interact with the unique profile metadata displayed. Based on the metadata attached to each profile page, users will be able to find other users who are similar or complementary for forming potential squads, when the squad feature is introduced in a later version. Also, as the universes across Spacebar expand with more features and metadata, the profile page can also serve as a blog for users who are keen to share their findings and earnings with the broader user community.

Spacebar x ERC-6551

Why ERC-6551?

ERC-6551 is a new Ethereum standard that turns every NFT into a smart wallet that can own tokens (ERC-20, ERC-721, and so on) and interact with dApps across the Ethereum ecosystem. Instead of linking every existing NFT with its own smart contract account, we are using a decentralized registry. To learn more about the new groundbreaking standard, view this document.

ERC-6551 is set to truly revolutionize the NFT landscape by transforming digital assets into dynamic representations of individuals in the digital space. ERC-6551 enables NFTs to transcend their static nature and acquire a new level of meaning and authenticity.

Gone are the days when PFP NFTs were merely JPEG images detached from their owners, merely representing your social status as 1 out of 10,000 sets of collections, where the values of the NFTs used to be defined by the rarities of the features. Now, ERC-6551 empowers NFTs to evolve, adapt, and reflect the experiences of their holders. This dynamic nature of NFTs imbues them with a profound sense of personal identity, enabling individuals to establish deeper connections with their digital possessions.

Tokenbound Accounts in Spacebar

Within Spacebar, your PFP NFT is your account.

You log in with your PFP NFT, You interact with other users with your PFP NFT, Your PFP NFT owns the Spaceships your PFP NFT ride, Your Spaceship NFT owns all the assets earned within the game.

We firmly believe that this is the path to achieving composability of NFTs in the digital space. By intricately binding smart contracts to these tokens, NFTs become powerful tools for establishing and representing ownership within the digital realm.

When it comes to token provenance your NFT will become your onchain identity where history is created from the NFT itself rather than your wallet.

By playing Spacebar, you can feel how you become more attached to your PFP NFT as it grows in you as your onchain identity with the assets that it accrues within Spacebar. It's an exciting advancement that brings us one step closer to achieving true composability and trust within the realm of NFTs.

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