๐Ÿ”ฅSquare Spirits

What is Square Spirits?

  • "Square Spirits" is a new metric designed to quantify the collective engagement of users within a Square.

    • While Spacebar Points are earned through all activities of Spacebar including Staking, Participating in Square Activities, Daily Chekin and so on, Square Spirits can only be earned through successful collective actions by multiple Square members.

    • Square Spirits reflect a Square's engagement and activity level in the community, serving as visible markers of participation and dedication.

    • Through how many Spirits each Square have collected, we will be able to distinguish which Squares are active and engaging.

Thoughts behind Square Spirits

  • Spacebar aims to promote active and vibrant gatherings within Squares. Our goal is to help communities flourish and incentive system should be aligned to this goal.

  • Since Spacebar Points can be earned largely by activities that are less related to activities in the Square, Points alone is not enough to highlight or motivate participation in Square activities.

How can our Square earn Square Spirits?

  • "Square Spirits" are not awarded for individual actions but for successful collective actions by multiple Square members.

  • There will be more group activities where Squares can earn Spirits being gradually introduced in the upcoming months.

Where can we check Spirits of our Square?

  • Square Spirits are displayed at the center of Square.

How important is Square Spirits?

  • Spirits play a crucial role in enhancing the upcoming Multiplier feature scheduled for Phase 4 of the program. This feature is set to provide additional advantages and incentives for Squares.

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