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๐Ÿ”‘Keys: Achievements and Contributions

Spacebar Keys represent your achievements onchain

What are Keys?

Keys in Spacebar serve as unique Soulbound tokens earned through various achievements. These achievements represent contributions and actions that contribute to accelerating the Spacebar ecosystem. Keys, therefore, act as credentials, showcasing your involvement and commitment to Spacebar.

Each Key type corresponds to specific milestones and accomplishments, allowing you to strive for higher goals and continuously progress within Spacebar.

Crafting Your Identity Through Keys

Keys are more than just tokens; they represent the aggregation of behaviors that collectively form your identity. As these behaviors come together, they forge a unique on-chain identity.

Your Key tokens are minted directly to your Spaceship NFT, an integral part of your identity owned by your PFP NFT. In essence, your PFP NFT serves as the custodian of your Keys, solidifying its role in representing your unique identity within the Spacebar universe.

Evolving Variety of Keys

The world of Spacebar is dynamic, and so are the collection of Keys. New types of Keys are continually introduced, offering you the opportunity to explore different aspects of the game and set new objectives for yourself.

List of Keys waiting for you to achieve

KeyNameAchievement Tier

Star Gatherer

Gather Stars through various activities such as daily star reward, weekly mission etc

I Gathered 1,000 Stars II Gathered 5,000 Stars III Gathered 10,000 Stars IV Gathered 50,000 Stars V Gathered 100,000 Stars

Doodle Artist

Create Doodle using your Stars and be voted as Doodle of the Week

I Doodle Artist of the week II Doodle Artist of the week x3 III Doodle Artist of the week x7 IV Doodle Artist of the week x10 V Doodle Artist of the week x15

Star Hunter

Get in the Top 10 of Weekly Star Collector leaderboard

I Top 10 Star Hunter II Top 10 Star Hunter x3 III Top 10 Star Hunter x7 IV Top 10 Star Hunter x10 V Top 10 Star Hunter x15


more keys to come!

Please note that the tier of Keys are subject to change.

Contribution: Fueling Your Future Rewards

What is Contribution?

In addition to earning Keys through achievements, Spacebar introduces the concept of Contributionโ€”a unique way for you to contribute to the Spacebar Community Treasury and pave the way for your future rewards. This opportunity is exclusively tied to the process of minting a Key.

The Choice is Yours

Contributing ETH is a voluntary action, and you have the freedom to choose whether or not you want to make a contribution when minting a Key. To make a contribution, you utilize ETH in your connected wallet on the Ethereum mainnet.

Take Action, Shape Your Future

By choosing to contribute ETH when minting Keys, you actively participate in shaping your future in Spacebar. Whether you contribute or not, each Key you mint adds to your unique identity within the Spacebar community.

However, note that all contribution follows with significant rewards.

Join the journey, contribute ethically, and unlock the potential for rewarding adventures in Spacebar!

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